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Nasco Yachts

Your Reliable Shipping Agent and Travel Partner

NASCO Yachts was founded in Alexandria, Egypt, in 1948, becoming Egypt’s premier ground handling, cruise operator, and yacht agent. In collaboration with its strategic partner, NORSTAR SA, a leading destination management company established in Athens, Greece, in 1997, specializing in marine, business, and thematic travel, they form a formidable group of jointly owned companies committed to high-performance in the field of Maritime Travel, Cruise Handling, and Yacht Port Agency.


Delivering luxury yachting services globally, NASCO Yachts proudly leads in the demanding destination management sector. Our significant investment in cutting-edge technology ensures enhanced efficiency in providing fast and reliable information without compromising on competitive pricing.

Smart Operations, Efficient Support

NASCO Yachts provide high-end luxury services, infusing luxury and care into every aspect of operations.

Our expertise extends from simple flight bookings, transportation, and accommodation for marine travelers to fully customized travel management and shore excursion packages designed specifically for cruise yacht guests and crew. As an international shipping agency, we consistently strive to deliver comprehensive, value-added, cost-effective services.

A Message from our Vice President

With over 75 years of experience, NASCO Yachts is proud to share its enduring passion for the tourism and shipping industry. We have consistently delivered exceptional maritime experiences, driven by a commitment to excellence and innovation. Our skilled teams and dedication to quality have been pivotal to our success. NASCO Yachts continues to invest in cutting-edge technology and sustainability, ensuring memorable journeys while preserving the oceans. They invite you to be part of their journey and look forward to many more unforgettable adventures.